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Yeti Cycles 2018 SB5+ C-series Mountain Bike SAVE 10%

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The Yeti SB5+ is its own beast it stands on its own in a burgeoning category and, due in part to the elevated chainstay, is able to run up to 3.0 tires. To be clear, it isnt the SB5 with plus tires on it its slacker and longer. The SB5+ is a plus-sized dedicated bike that takes on muck, loose gravel and varied trail conditions with ease. As expected of any Yeti, the SB5+ is also flickable and agile, striking the balance between traction and playfulness.

Always reaching for the widest tire you can find? If so, push your limits on our SB5+ offering unparalleled stability and traction. Add 5 inches of ample travel to the equation and you have a bike that is nearly unstoppable. Yetis Switch Infinity suspension platform and smart frame design will bring ease to mucky soggy trails, loose gravel and essentially any trail condition you can throw at this bike. The SB5+ offers unparalleled stability and traction with 27.5+ platform and 5 inches of ample travel.

A stable and robust frame with a minor weight penalty, the SB5+ Carbon Series frame weighs just 250 grams more than its TURQ counterpart. The result is a strong and sturdy bike ready to attack your local trail scene. The SB5+ Carbon Series frames are 5.58 LBS (2.67 KG) and preserve performance at a more agressive price point.

There are no flip-chips here to change the bikes geometry, no multiple wheel sizes, nothing to alter our suspension kinematics. We discovered that the slight changes in tire diameter had a dramatic impact on critical frame properties such as bottom bracket height and mechanical trail. Not wanting to sacrifice any defining ride characteristics by adopting the wheels to fit an existing platform, the SB5+ was born into its own identity in our line. designed to work exclusively with plus-sized wheels because simply, we didnt want to compromise.