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OneUp on them all?

OneUp on them all?

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As mountain bikers, we are always in search of the ultimate set up, whether it's suspension, backpacks, tyres, fitness, there's always something that makes us want the best out of what we have or the best way to make it work to our advantage. 


Nowadays it's all about keeping everything on the bike, minimalist on body carrying, I remember using bags fully loaded with 3L's of water and enough tools and kit for around 3 days, hahaha and only using about 700ml of water and not touching the food and tools and riding for about 2hrs!. So now it's tubes tied to frames, with air canisters and tools all on specially made wraps check out the Oneup Gear strap here. There are other brands out there that are doing a good job, that said,  some very good options, for us, Oneup Components have made the swiss army knife of tools and innovation.  

Just these two items can make carrying tools on the bike, way easier than ever. In this picture are the Oneup 100cc pump and the EDC tool and storage. 


Not only is this a pump, the head come's off and is used as a regulator so you can use your air canister (16g) to get the tyre up faster if tubeless or for less work out the trail.  

There's more.

The Pump has a cap that's sealed with a fair size o-ring that keeps it firmly in place, once removed the inside of the pump can fit the whole EDC tool and storage tank ( 70cc pump can only fit the tool in or just Co2 as the cap is threaded on the inside for the Co2 to thread in very smart!). 


If that's not enough the EDC tool can be fitted into the steerer of your fork, yep that's right threaded via a cutting tool that can also be purchased through us via the website here. 


EDC Tool.

 Seen here fitted to the fork with the top cap system, it's neat and tidy. This system doesn't void any warranty and is only threaded deep enough as the top cap is only a 4Nm torque as it's just preloading the bearing like a star-fangled nut does. 

 The EDC tool is held in with a strong o-ring that also stops the water getting in from the top, at the bottom is a bung plug to help guide the EDC tool and also stop mud and water from getting in. 

This is the top cap kit. 

As you can see, the tool split down into its parts, a very slim and lightweight set up that can keep you going and fix most problems on the trail. 

This is cool, here is the 6mm Allen key, and the top cap tool, put them together and it makes an 8mm Allen key, what's really cool? As you see the tool like its positioned, slide the top cap tightening tool between the chain links and the 6mm Allen key will sit at the bottom push them together and this will pop the power link open. 


8mm Allen key. 

Chan link removal, also spoke keys are on there, tyre lever. When using the chain link remover, we found that pulling all the Allen keys out makes the tool longer and therefore providing more leverage. 

There we have it a quick insight into one of the best tools we have used for "on bike" carrying systems, even if you do ride with a bag this means that all the tools are on the bike and less weight on the back, and more room for cake!! ;-). 


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