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OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post.

OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post.

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Dropper posts.....Talk to me? We all love our bikes and the products we now have before us are truly amazing!!. We are all blessed with some truly innovative products that are now out on the market for all us good humans to work our socks off to get and to fit to make our ride even more epic!!.

"The world’s shortest, long travel dropper post. Get the longest travel dropper that will fit you and your bike." (from OneUp) 

Being a fan of simplicity and innovation, we have been waiting or let's say, wishing for someone or a company to actually sit back and think about how to make a product work well and be customizable? Not taking away anything from others on the market, that said these good humans know a thing or two about innovation. 

I know its a dropper seat post and your thinking it's the same as all the others. Your right, but this one from OneUp Components is a little special.


The unique OneUp travel adjustment shims allow you to custom tune your post by lowering the travel and extended the length of your post by as much as 50mm in any increment you like. Want a fashionable 128.99mm drop? Not a problem! Drop tuning can be done on-bike, tool-free and without removing the saddle or touching a shock pump. This is why we love this company for their innovation!! Also lowering the post-travel also increases bushing overlap, which is great for heavier riders. 


Drop 170mm or 150mm infinitely adjustable.

Diameter 30.9 or 31.6

Routing Internal only

Travel Reducing Shim Reduces travel by up to 50mm.  Available separately.


Post Only
170mm x 450mm, 31.6 dia - 565g 
170mm x 450mm, 30.9 dia - 545g 
150mm x 410mm, 31.6 dia - 530g 
150mm x 410mm, 30.9 dia - 509g

Remote Only
Remote with 22.2mm Bar Clamp - 39g
Remote with Matchmaker X - 35g 
Remote with I-spec II - 32g

Housing and Cable (1300mm installed length) - 53g. 


A carbon remote with oversized bearing and a super smooth action. Don't think twice about dropping your post, even when charging into technical sections. The OneUp lever mimics your R/H shifter’s inboard upshift paddle position instead of the usual downshift paddle position of most remotes. This position requires considerably less thumb movement to reach the lever. Over the past, we have always cut a small piece of grip tape to make it a bit nicer to use, the remote grip has a very tactile feel and very comfortable.   

We've had this post now for 2 weeks and it's nothing but amazing and faultless easy serviceable and tunable, what more would you need tool free and easy to fit!

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