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One Stage at a time // Orange Bikes Stage 4 Demo

One Stage at a time // Orange Bikes Stage 4 Demo

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As short travel bikes go, this Orange Bikes Stage 4 is a serious contender! If you know about the Orange Segment and loved that bike or short travel bikes in general then you will love this. 

From the "Stage" family this bike is in their suspension trail bikes line up, short travel and big wheeled, this 120/110mm travel 29er can ride way beyond its travel figure, carefully reworked geometry and frame construction brings a compact rear to the new model with the same plus points we get through the range; more active and improved effect on small bumps. 


"The Stage 4 leads you into the mind-set of,  I'm going back round for another run!!" 


Stage 4 uses 190 x 40 'metric' rear shock sizing which brings us several advantages. Firstly, compared to the legacy sized shocks we get more internal space for the shock to do its work. With a short travel shock, this is a real performance benefit allowing the shock to run cooler when things hot up. Greater overlap in the shock's bushings bring more lateral stability to help counter natural lateral flex.  

Riding this machine is all about fun, speed, and good times! This bike pedals up hill very efficiently, with it's 67.5 head angle, short chain stays and a good all round Geo this isn't a slow machine up hill, saying that this bike is very well rounded on the descents, it's confidence inspiring, low-slung and featuring the kind of angles more often found on longer travel bikes, this is the short travel 29er that rides beyond the short travel checkboxes with flare. Lively popping out of corners nicely with lots of grip with the 29ers chomping at the ground!! The Stage 4 leads you into the mind set of "I'm going back round for another run!!" And that's exactly what we look for in a bike! 


Sitting pretty, our long term demo Stage 4 RS (Large) spec with factory suspension and the Race Face Arc 27 wheelset, If you fancy demoing this bike or our Stage 4 pro (Medium) please get in contact by calling the shop on 01243 775125. Have a look at our website here for the full range. 


Thanks to the legends and our friends at @orangebikes .........We are keeping this forever ;-).