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Life in RAW. Orange P7.

Life in RAW. Orange P7.

Posted by Stephen Jones on

The Orange P7 has always been a firm favorite with Mountain Bikers from the 'Old School Days" starting around 1993, this bike/frame has just got better and better!. Ahead of its time even back then this frame has still got it's "legendary" status which carries on even to this day. 

For those that didn't know, Orange Bikes got its name from, In short order (basically in 1987) Noble and fellow windsurfer Steve Wade started marketing the newly minted Tushingham B-52, a fully rigid steel MTB imported from Taiwan and assembled in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They sold the lot. But Tushingham didn’t sound very ‘mountain bike’ and the pair wanted something that spoke more to the mountain biker looking to do a bit of everything. They wanted their bikes to appeal as a sort of ‘all round range’ of machines. “All Round” or “O” “Range” jokingly became “Orange” and the B-52 was turned, by the two Stanley Kubrick fans, in the Clockwork. The Orange Clockwork was born and in 1988 British Mountain biking gained what was to become the most enduring classic in its entire pantheon to date.

This week, we look into TRG's very own Aaron P-Spec-Ron's Raw-P7 build. 

As you can see this Orange P7 is in a Raw frame formate, treated and then lacquered, we think it looks very smart indeed!. 


Aaron's choice of contact points Is Burgtec, sleek, strong and a damn fine product that's on the EWS and UCI Downhill World Cup. 

Some added trickery for Mr. P-Spec-Ron, custom made by a good friend of ours.

Hope tech Headset to keep things in the mix up front.


 As you can see here, there's a USE Ultimate dropper seat post "Helix" this one is a special type, it a very "first off" that's been in use for some time and its awesome!!. 


Aaron's machine in all its glory, he said to us that he forgets its a hardtail, and rides like a 100mm travel full suspension bike, I know how he feels with that, I think this has got me in the mood to build mine up ready for local rides and winter smashing!!. 


Check out the "O" Range here ;-). 


any other info or build options please contact us on 01243 775125, or fire over an email