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It's Mettle time!.

It's Mettle time!.

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Welcome, here at TheRiders'Guild we love bike and most of all riding them!! This week we had the pleasure of testing this much talked about bike.....Ideniti METTLE GX Eagle build.  

While driving to my test spot I had to play some Metal or I should say METTLE seams it was in the back hahaha. Ahem. 


Little intro about the bike from it's creators...

The Mettle has been a labour of love with almost 20 years of experience, multiple national 4x championship wins, and one BMX race world champion, we started a fresh project – code named the R01. We spent a long time studying a lot of graphs, but more time riding, racing and analysing our prototypes. 3 years of testing, refining and repeating all boils down to what we show you today. A product well worthy of carrying the Identiti name forward into the rowdiest trails you can find.

At Identiti, we all ride trail bikes whenever we can, shredding loamy turns, because that’s what puts smiles on our faces, so the development process was focused around what we want. A fast, capable and fun bike that’s rewarding to ride hard.

Here we have a Mountain Bike that can pretty much do it all, from pedalling up to the top of a nice flowing single track trail that screams FUN, to a gnarly jump, drops, loamy turns and gaps, this bike you can do a push up style day like Rogate,Windhill etc or even a bike park day saying that anywhere!! This weapon can and will lead you into a fun packed day and wanting MORE!!.

This is packed with a great armoury of geo's and angles.  

Some key points (Large) :

Reach- 485mm . 

Effective Top Tube (ETT)- 648mm.

Chain Stay length - 435mm ( thats short= sharp handling and very responsive). 

Headtube angle - 65 degrees. 

Wheelbase - 1274mm.

seat post angle - 75 degrees. 

Head tube length - 125mm. 

Bottom Bracket drop - -7. 

(All measurements taken with 555.5mm axle to crown fork length) .

Nice and tidy up on the cockpit. Internal routed cabling keeps the frame and finish looking nice and premium. 

Nice and clean the decals are just right and to the point!. 

These Halo Vapour 35 are so stiff and strong, very impressed!!. 

Schwalbe Magic Marys front and rear Nobby Nic were very good and kept their grip all day. 

The Metric shock, what a beautiful creation! I normally run around 220psi with two/three bands on my Monarch RC3, this I was not sure what was inside and I was running 200psi as you can see it didn't bottom out harsh at all! I need one of these!! damping and control under braking was supreme the platform and tuning that comes with this shock is a great addition meaning it's just a quick setup and your good to go! 

Riding the METTLE: 

First run down the trail and coming from a 29er...( I know a 29er!) funny thing is I didn't feel out of place on this wheel size at all, down the bottom I did think to my self, bars need changing and my personal touch would be to have a 170mm or even a 180mm fork on it and some 30mm riser bars and 15mm under the steerer, odd as it sounds but it's how I like my set up, that said, this bike was a weapon! I couldn't wait to get to the top and have another go! Pedalled up to the top the long way round and it climbed really nice to my amazement and not in a negative way, these bikes are now becoming very capable climbers, it's not going to win any XC races's unless in the right hands?!! I mean these bikes are all about hitting the decent's hard and fast and getting what the rider wants out of this type of bike. 

It handled most drops I could throw at it! Not feeling out of control at all in the rough stuff and hit some doubles to finish this trail off which I wasn't planing on doing so this bike oozes rider confidence and that's a good combo!!. 

This bike is a lot of fun, if most of your riding is enduro style riding and even racing then this bike will fit the bill big time, could build this bike up to be a full on play machine with a cheeky 7speed DH groupset static seat post, 170mm fork and just loam and bike parks all the time you won't be disappointed , or a trail bike with some carbon wheels, cockpit ,  cranks etc thrown at it for a lighter build, the choice is yours. Overall this is a very well thought out bike that to be fair didn't surprise me knowing who was behind the design process to creat such a comfy bike that once pointed down hill is like it looks at you and says "come on what ya got" . 


Words and Photography Brett Shelfer 

MASSIVE thanks to Pat over Ison Distribution LTD.