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"Back in Black" Black Mountain Bikes First look.

"Back in Black" Black Mountain Bikes First look.

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Here at the Guild we are always on the lookout for something different, exciting and unique. I think it's safe to say there's a solution to this! We are massively excited to be the first dealer on the south coast!. 

Knowing the history behind them this is a match that suited us for sure, Here's their story... 


Just like any other parent, engineer and Black Mountain founder Andy Lloyd was keen to get his young children outside and on bikes as soon as he possibly could. He wanted to instil in them his own passion for cycling. So back in 2010, and with nothing but positive thoughts in his head, he visited his local ‘large high street cycle megastore’ and paid £80 for something that resembled a bike for his then five-year-old son. It was red, it had all the bells and whistles (literally) but when he got it home he realised that he had made a mistake… a big mistake!


Firstly, it was an incredibly heavy lump (about 80% of his son’s weight!), the brakes didn’t work properly, the gearing was too hard, and the bars were up somewhere around his son’s chin… it was wrong, just wrong and basically no fun. It was not a pleasurable experience for his son to ride on, or for Andy as a parent watching the struggle! So, he modified the bike, stripped off the heavy accessories, upgraded the braking system and changed the gearing, but it was still heavy and poorly designed, and to add insult to injury, his son soon grew too big for it. Another bike destined for the back of the shed (a scene that has been repeated all over the country on countless occasions).

Andy recognised the inadequacy of the bike he had bought and of the many other existing children's bikes that were on the market. They just weren't designed for a young rider’s needs – they were just shrunken adult bikes. There were many things that he wasn’t happy with, but crucially the bikes failed to recognise that the young rider was always growing and changing in size, weight, strength, ability and speed. Also that many children changed from not being able to ride, to being able to ride, within a matter of months, weeks, days or even hours.

After some further research Andy found that most kids bikes took a ‘disposable toy’ approach – incredibly heavy (and over-engineered) steel frames, clunky and poorly made and designed – a toy for the driveway, but not a rideable bike (Andy would later find out that within the bike industry, these kids bikes were referred to as BSO’s – bike-shaped-objects!).

Some higher-end kids’ bikes did exist, but these still failed to address the changing size, power and ability of the growing rider, as they still were based on traditional ‘one–size’ fixed frames. This meant parents had to either buy a bike which was too big (and hope their child grew into it – really not a good idea when they are learning) or buy a bike that fits now, that will be too quickly outgrown. 


This is the range we have in store: 

We have two PINTO'S and Two SKOG's one each in the "powerpack'' modes. 


Hit the picture for the full details on all the features on how they "Grow" this is very impressive for the one bike fit. 

Seen above is the world’s first ‘growing gear’ system - easy to pedal in small mode then moving up a gear as the bike grows. By undoing the three Allen bolts gives you the chance to swap over sprocket system inside to make the transfer from balance bike to first pedal a lot easier in the smaller gear.  Combined with their drive-belt that weighs in at 1/6th of the weight of a conventional chain, this system is perfect for learning. 



We are super excited to see these bikes in store, these bikes are not on our website and for that reason, they are an In store only item. 


Please call us on 01243 775125 or drop us an email on for further inquiries. Or Visit Black Mountain Bikes here.